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The Goulburn Crookwell Heritage Railway is a non-profit organisation whose aim is the protection, preservation, promotion and restoration of the historic Goulburn to Crookwell branch line..


 State Railway operations on the line were suspended in 1989.

This line has never been "officially" closed.


Goulburn is a major railway centre located on the main southern line and is in active service to freight and passenger trains. Goulburn is also the beginning of the Crookwell Branch.


Crookwell is the lines terminus. Passenger services were suspended in 1979 with freight shortly thereafter. The line remained open for Steam tours in 1983 and 1985, 1985 being the last time a train of any sort ran the length of the line.


Crookwell is a significant surviving pioneer terminus station and yard with most elements intact from the date of opening in 1902. It represents an early period of growth by the railways to areas of marginal revenue. This then was reflected in economic constraints causing a cutting back on the cost of railway construction. It is the best surviving such complex in the State and contributes to the townscape of Crookwell. The site retains its setting and significant details such as basins, signs, plantings.

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The G.C.H.R. are railway operators who are dedicated to the re-opening of the Goulburn  to Crookwell railway branch line.

In November 2001 the initial accreditation to operate motorised track machines (Trikes) from a point near the main Southern line to Kenmore bridge in Goulburn was received, and later in February 2002 from McAlister to Crookwell.

Restoration of the line is progressing, and these operational sections will be extended as resources become available. The G.C.H.R. commenced operation of the motorised Trikes and trailers on the historic branch line on 1st December 2001 and have completed substantial restoration works, for example; sleeper replacement, track repair and replacement etc. Members have the opportunity to be involved in the many facets of operating a railway. i.e. track maintenance, trike maintenance and operation, safeworking, administration and hospitality. We even encourage our members (male and female) to undergo the training necessary to become an accredited operator.


Do you own a Trike? GCHR is one of few operator that allow members that privately own track vehicles to use the facilities.


GCHR is always eager to welcome new members or anyone that can offer help.


Quick Notice


GCHRs next meeting and the last for 2016 will be held on December 10. Followed by our usual Christmas social for members. We are open and welcome visitors to look through the museum and stay for a cuppa and a chat.

To our members. A newsletter will be on it's way soon. We have had great things happen in 2016 and all will be covered in the letter.

GCHR and it's members would like to wish every one all the best for the season and stay safe.



For more details on GCHR activities until this site is fully operational, see our Facebook page.


At this time GCHR is not operating trikes. We have applied to John Holland Rail for a Heritage Operators License. Once issued operations will recommence.

The hand over of a ex-SMR gang trolley to the GCHR. A donation from Roger Persson.

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